French Montana Says He Plans to Start Label With Max B

By Staff  |  10/07/2016

French Montana

Max B's 75-year sentence in his 2006 murder-robbery case was reduced last month to 20 years. Now, based on time served, he could be outta prison in 2-6 years.

In a recent interview with Complex, longtime partner-in-rhyme French Montana expressed his excitement over the judgement... and his plans for Max when he's released.

"Man, I was excited," French said, regarding the news. "Besides all the music, besides everything, that's my brother. His mother is like my mother. When I lost him, I just didn’t lose somebody that was rapping with me, I lost my brother and I was hurt more than anything. Like I always told the people, I have one dream, and that's for me to see him out of jail.

"The earliest he can be out is two years; the latest is six to seven," he continued. "They reduced his 75 years to two years. [When he gets out] I think me and him are going to partner up with our own label. He’s the illest when it comes to names, so I’m waiting for him [to choose a name for the label]. That’s the Silver Surfer."

I had dream about this 🙏 I told my bro this when he lost hope ❗️can't wait for you to get home ❗️trust me when I tell you God is the greatest ❗️🏄🏻🏄🏻🏄🏻 #bossdon #cokewave

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