Chief Keef Disses Rappers With Colored Hair

By Staff  |  10/07/2016

Chief Keef

Rap newcomers like Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert and Famous Dex have been criticized for their lack of skills, but it's usually from the older generation of fans. However, recently, they appeared to get dissed by a peer from their generation: Chief Keef.

The Chicago rapper recently dissed rappers with colored hair in a blanket rant, while promising to end their careers in 2017. Yachty, Vert and Dex were not named directly... but they all have colored hair.

"I just wanna let everybody know. They say they want that old Sosa back. All that clown sh*t. 2017, I’m coming," Chief Keef declared on stage. "All these f*ggot ass n*ggas rapping today, shaking they booties and all that gay ass sh*t. On BD. In 2017, that’s how long they got on my uncle. On my kids, on blood. On Cap grave. 2017, all these f*ggot ass blonde head, pecan, orange... Let em finish shaking they ass. They can finish shaking booties. All that f*ggot ass sh*t is ending in 2017. I swear on my dead homies. I finna come back and go crazy."

According to reports, a fan on Twitter messaged Yachty to ask him about Keef's rant, to which he replied: "He ain’t talkin to me, h*e."