Meek Mill Offers Behind The Scenes Look At His Career

By Staff  |  10/05/2016

Although Meek Mill has been quiet, since his beef with Drake popped off, we get a behind the scenes look into his life and background, in a recent feature for Noisey.

The episode follows the rapper and his girlfriend Nicki Minaj, from riding ATVs together to hitting the road, from show to show.

Meek also discusses his transition from growing up in Philly, where he found himself caught up in the streets, to rap stardom. Later, he expresses how his life is like a dream today, especially his relationship with Nicki.

"I wake up in my bed and look at Nicki, and be like, 'This sh*t gotta be a dream', 'cuz we used to dream all this sh*t and it's going on right now," he says.