Drake Visits Drake University, But Students Were Asleep

By Staff  |  10/05/2016

Drake Visits Drake University

Drake University students in Des Moines, IA have been campaigning to bring the rapper to their campus, and their wish was granted this week. Unfortunately, most of them were a asleep.

While in town for a performance on Tuesday (Oct. 4), students gathered in the quad of the campus, hoping Drizzy would pay them a visit. He never showed.

Hey @champagnepapi, this could be you on our iconic Painted Street. #BringDraketoDrake

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If you haven't heard, Drake the rapper did not visit campus today. But, our students still had a great day. #BringDraketoDrake lives on.

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But, in the middle of the night, after repping rocking a Drake University jacket on stage, he showed up... but most of the students were asleep.

He posted images of himself on top of a university sign, while sharing videos, via Instagram Stories.

"Look, Kappa Kappa Gamma. I’m outside your sorority house right now and you’re all ‘sleep," Drake says in one clip.  He posted another in front of Kappa Alpha Theta's house, saying. "We out here, waiting on you. We’re waiting on you!"

Apparently, Kappa Kappa Gamma shared a video of their own this morning in hopes that Drizzy would return. "This could have been you last night," a sorority member says, before touring the home and adding that they'd make him breakfast. "@champagnepapi sorry we missed you last night!!! We have breakfast if you want to come on back #drakecametodrake #butwewereasleep."