Kanye West Predicted His First Three Albums Years Ago

By Staff  |  10/04/2016

Kanye West

Jensen Karp has offered a number of stories about Kanye West before the fame, all in support of his latest book, Kanye West Owes Me $300.

In a recent interview on SiriusXM radio show, the Sam Roberts Show, he explained how Kanye predicted his first three, platinum-selling albums.

Back when Karp was a buzzing rapper by the name of Hot Karl, he was working with Kanye closely, so they spoke often, especially via txt, where Kanye had a custom signature at the end of every message.

"At the bottom of every two-way, in the same way that emails now have signatures... It would say, 'Look out for these albums.' And it was a list of five or four album titles with years next to them. And they were all the titles he ended up using," he explained.

While Karp clarifies that not all of the years match up precisely, he was amazed that Kanye committed to his vision years before it ever happen.