Thrasher Doesn’t Want Rihanna Or Bieber to Rock Their Brand

By Staff  |  10/03/2016

Rihanna x Thrasher

Thrasher has long-been an authentic publication covering skateboarding culture, but as with most influential brands, its logo has become trendy in pop culture.

In recent years, we've seen the iconic Thrasher mark on garments adorning the bodies of some of the world's biggest pop stars, from Rihanna to Justin Bieber. But, that doesn't mean Thrasher likes those types of co-signs.

Recently, original editor Jake Phelps weighed in on this topic, making it clear that he, nor the magazine, is pushing for Bieber (or stars like him) to support the brand.

"We don't send boxes to Justin Bieber or Rihanna or those f*cking clowns," he said. "The pavement is where the real sh*t is. Blood and scabs, does it get realer than that?"

Woah! Doesn't get more direct than that...