Damien Ritter Talks Funk Volume’s Start, How Beef Started With Hopsin

Damien Ritter

Hopsin’s Funk Volume label crumbled earlier this year, when the rapper took to social media to reveal tension between him and now-former business partner Damien Ritter.

While Hopsin has offered his side of the story, Ritter hasn’t told his side, outside of interaction with fans on Facebook.

This week, he sat down with VladTV to discuss the beginning of Funk Volume, how they built the company over the years, and where things went wrong.

To start, Ritter explains how Hopsin didn’t exactly understand most of the business deals they had in place. First, he says the rapper was upset with Funk Volume’s distribution deal with Warner Bros. Records, because he expected more out of the deal. Dame explains, it was strictly a “distribution deal” and that Warner did offer support outside of that, just not enough to Hopsin’s liking.

“The things that Warner was bringing to the table was more like planting seeds and relationship building, and that’s what I was trying to get him to understand”, Dame explained. “Again, it was just a distribution deal. It wasn’t like we signed to Warner… it was a small percentage of sales deal.”

When asked to pinpoint when their relationship began to fall apart, Ritter acknowledges (as did Hopsin previously) that tension began during the last Funk Volume tour.

“Hop’s not the type of person that will talk to you if he has an issue,” Dame began. “I felt a little tension during the tour they did last year. I didn’t go on the whole tour. I guess that’s part of the problem, too. At least from his perspective, if you’re not on the tour, you’re not doing anything for the tour, not understanding that these tours start 6-7 months out, in terms of the planning.”

“There was some things that happened on the tour, umm… so I noticed some tension there,” he continued. “After the tour, a little bit of tension was there, but it wasn’t anything that was discussed… until I asked him during our last show in Las Vegas. I asked him, ‘Hop, are we good?’ He’s like, ‘Yea’. I asked him again, and he said he thinks he needs a new team, you know, a new manager.”

Ritter goes on to explain that Hopsin completely shut him out, without really trying to discuss or work out the small issues they had between each other. In fact, he says they never even had a face-to-face meeting to discuss their problems.

Watch the full interview below:

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