Original iPhone 2G Fetching Thousands on eBay

By Staff  |  09/30/2016

Apple iPhone 2G

Although the Apple's new iPhone 7 is the shiny new gadget everyone wants, one of the previous models is fetching more money from collectors.

If you browse eBay, auctions for the 1st generation iPhone 2G (sealed in the box) are being listed for as much as $25,000 USD, while others are around $5,000 USD. It's unclear is anyone is actually paying these prices, though.

Strangely, the iPhone 2G isn't even 10 years old. It was first released in June 2007 and sold more than 6.1 million units. However, production ceased in July of 2008, so pricing for units in brand new condition are fetching big bucks, due to scarcity.