Q&A: Ta-Ku & Wafia Talk Collaborations, Relationship & New EP

By Eddy Vega  |  09/29/2016

Ta-Ku & Wafia

If you’re unfamiliar with Ta-Ku & Wafia, you’re definitely missing out. They’re your favorite artists' favorite artists. From Ta-ku being interviewed on Jaden Smiths' MSFTS Frequency and Wafia having her hit single, "Heartburn", played by Pharell on his Beats 1 radio show OTHERtone, it’s needless to say they’re recognized for their great music.

On the heels of a new joint EP called (m)edian, Ta-Ku and Wafia have hit the road on their first North American tour together. The first stop was in Los Angeles, and we got a chance to sit down and talk to them about their music.

Having worked with Jaden Smith and sampling Willow Smiths vocals for your hit "I Miss You", any plans on working with Will Smith?

Ta-ku: I mean, that’s the goal! When I did that song "I Miss You", that’s how I got in touch with Willow. And through Willow, I met Jaden. So, it’s just the next step really.

Ta-Ku & Wafia

Ta-Ku & Wafia / Credit: Karen Capalaran

In the interview with Jaden Smith, you mention that you’d like to dabble with directing. Just a couple days ago, you released some music videos. How was that experience?

Ta-Ku: We were in Sydney recently to unveil those. Wafia and I worked close with [director] Damon Cameron. Those three days were the most jam packed and interesting ever. It was an environment I’ve never been in, seeing how these music videos turn around and the post- and pre-production.

The two of you compliment each other so well. How did the two of you come about to meeting?

Wafia: On some basketball courts in Australia. We just both happened to be there.

Ta-ku: I was destined to be there.

Wafia: I was not. We had a mutual friend who was shooting me and called him over. I didn’t think anything of it, Ta-ku meets a million people a day. But, he must’ve 'cause he hit me up with a simple message of "Let’s work" and it really changed us.

How is the creative process working with Ta-ku and how is it different from working with any artists?

Wafia: I feel like I made a life-long collaboration. Some people come in and out of your life, but we connected on a lot of levels outside of music. We have a very strong appreciation of family and different types of love. For us to come together for an EP, I wouldn’t do that with anybody else and that itself I believe speaks a lot.


Wafia / Credit: Karen Capalaran

(m)edian is out now. Great EP, what were some of the inspirations behind the music?

Wafia: Our families, our fathers. I think we both have similar father and family relationships. Different enough, but also similar to write an EP about it. Also, who we don’t speak enough about, our mothers and how strong they are. The unsung heroes of families."-

Ta-ku and Wafia are currently on tour, find dates at their official website. And, you can cop the (m)edian EP here.