Dave East Announces Deal With Def Jam

Dave East

2016 XXL Freshman Classman Dave East has announced that he’s signed with Def Jam.

During a stop by The Breakfast Club this week, the Harlem rapper revealed that he’s signed a deal with Def Jam, in partnership with Nas’ Mass Appeal Records.

“Mass Appeal’s still the family,” East explained. “I actually just did a joint deal with Def Jam. I’m excited about it… It wasn’t the average me just signing to a major. I’m actually partners with them.”

He goes on to reveal that Nas will executive producer his major label debut, which he’s currently working on.

“It was a step forward for me,” East explained. “I was with Mass Appeal solely for almost two years. Nas really introduced the world to me, a lot of people to me. So that was ideal as far as me first coming in. It’s at a time now where a machine really helps what I’m trying to do, especially being from New York and not trying to stay in New York.

“Like I told y’all before,” he continued, “I’m not trying to be underground or classified as a certain type of dude. I feel like this was a good move to really get what I’m trying to do, my brand, my movement, across the world.”

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