Kehlani Talks Battle With Depression, Long-Awaited Debut Album


Kehlani stopped by hometown station, 106 KMEL, for a new interview with host Shay Diddy.

First up, the Bay Area singer talks about dealing with depression, and feeling the happiest she’s ever been.

“A while ago, I was not as strong as I am now, and not as okay with myself as I am,” Kehlani explained. “I used to be… read my comments and get terribly heartbroken. I used to be like someone could walk up to me and say something, and I’d be distraught. I’m a very sensitive personal in general… that’s just me. I used to really let it control my day. I couldn’t leave… it was really a struggle to deal with depression and deal with that. It’s two opposing things. I’m not necessarily in the worst of my depression anymore. I feel like I’m finding my silver lining. I’m finding my happy moments. I’m just really, really proud of myself. I’m really happy to be where I am right now.”

Later, she opens up about her anticipated debut album, titled SSS, which she says isn’t done yet.

“I’m still making stuff everyday,” Kehlani explained. “I feel like I go through major things like every two seconds so I’m processing things and writing about them… Just trying to make sure I get out the things I have to say. So I’m still just working and fixing it, perfecting it.”

When it goes drop, she says the project will be her most well-rounded to date.

“On my first mixtape [Cloud 19], I was really focused on how it sounded sonically,” she said. “I wasn’t trying to just write, write, write… On the second one [You Should Be Here], I was trying to write, write, write… and I wasn’t focused too much on how it sounded. I wasn’t focused on making sure it sounded full… This one, I really took my time like, ‘Every song, I not only have to write really intensely, but I have to make sure that I push myself to get the sonics correctly.”

So far, Kehlani has released a video for her new single “CRZY”. Still, SSS has no release date.

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