Storks (Official Trailer #3)

By Eddy Vega  |  09/23/2016

We all know where babies come from right? Wrong. Storks have, and always were, the idea of baby delivery, at least according to the new animated Sony film Storks.

Out now, its a new family movie, packed full of comedy. When Storks decide to move out of the baby delivery service and deliver packages, they seem to have lost a bit of their original meaning. Tulip (Katie Crown), an undelivered orphan, now works for the Storks, but is such a clutz that she accidentally restarts the Baby Making Machine to create a new baby. With the help of Junior(Andy Samberg), they work together in finding the child's family, while also finding it with themselves. Storks is all about finding your flock.

Take the family this weekend, as Storks hits theaters today.