Dodgers Honor Vin Scully During Pregame Ceremony

By Staff  |  09/23/2016

Vin Scully

The Dodgers honored longtime sportscaster Vin Scully on Friday night (Sept. 23) with a pregame ceremony, where a number of greats paid tribute to the MLB iconic.

During the ceremony, fans voted for the top call of Scully's career, which spans 67 years when the Dodgers were in Brooklyn. It was Kirk Gibson's dramatic home run in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series against the Athletics.
In remembrance, Gibson appeared on the stadium's video board, reciting lines from Scully's call and recalling how he was inspired to play in the game -- despite two leg injuries -- because Scully had said on the broadcast that he wouldn't play.

Other names that spoke Friday included Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti, Sandy Koufax, Clayton Kershaw, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, and even actor Kevin Costner, who gave a speech set to music.

"We will miss you, my friend," Costner said. "We will miss you on our radio, in our cars and in our backyards. You have been a gift to Los Angeles and to baseball itself. How lucky we were that day in Brooklyn when the microphone was passed into your hands. You were the chosen one."

The first 50,000 fans in attendance at Dodgers Stadium on Friday received a typed letter signed by Scully, which recalled some memorable moments from his career. "You were simply always there for me," Scully wrote. "I have always felt that I needed you more than you needed me and that holds true to this very day. I have been privileged to share in your passion and love for this great game."

Scully gave a speech of his own at the end of the ceremony, where he thanked everyone from the players and the media, but most of all, he thanked the fans. "When I was 8 years old, I fell in love with the roar of a football crowd coming out of a speaker on an old four-legged radio," he said. "When you roar, when you cheer, when you are thrilled, for a brief moment, I am 8 years old again."

At the end of his speech, Scully concluded with one of his signature lines: "It's time for Dodger baseball".

The Dodgers honored Scully at Opening Day, back in April, as well. You can watch that below. He will retire after the Dodgers' game against the Giants on Sunday (Sept. 25).