Chi Modu Releases Tupac Photography Book

'Tupac Shakur : UNCATEGORIZED' Photography Book by Chi Modu

Renowned photographer Chi Modu releases a must-have photography book for Tupac fans, titled Tupac Shakur : UNCATEGORIZED.

The hardcover book is comprised of 200 pages, packed with more than 110 full-color and duotone images, taken by Modu from his first meeting with Tupac in 1994 in Atlanta, up until 1996, six monthes before his untimely passing.

“Unlike many photography books with slick, posed images from recording sessions and performances, this book shows the human, vulnerable side of this superstar. Because he saw Modu as a friend and fellow black man, Tupac let his guard down, allowing Modu to capture the real human behind the celebrity,” says the book’s description.

Tupac Shakur : UNCATEGORIZED is available online, starting at $60 USD for a hardcover copy, while signed copies are also available.

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