Benny Gold Closing 16th Street Location in San Francisco

Benny Gold - 16th Street

San Fransisco streetwear brand, Benny Gold, announced this week that it will shutter its flagship store next week, six years after its grand opening.

Located on 16th St. in SF, the company is moving to another location, but founder Benny reflects on the space that “put us on the map,” as he he calls it in the below statement, sent to us via email:

Opening the Benny Gold flagship store a little over 6 years ago was the best move weโ€™ve ever made. It created excitement and a sense of community around the brand. It really put us on the map! We are so thankful to everyone who has visited the store, purchased a product, attended an event or just believed in what we are doingโ€” we are forever grateful! End-of-day September 26th we will be saying goodbye to our 16th street retail location in preparation for our move to Valencia Street. Please stop by our current location this week to wish us luck and reminisce as we build our new retail home on 968 Valencia Streetโ€” Stay Gold.

You have until Monday (Sept. 26) to visit the original location before they move to: 968 Valencia Street.

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