The Weeknd Chops Off Signature Dreadlocks

By Staff  |  09/21/2016

The Weeknd

The Weeknd surprised fans on Wednesday (Sept. 21), when he posted new images with a fresh haircut.

That's right, the singer has chopped off his signature dreadlocks for photos that appear on the cover of his next album, which he also revealed.

"NEW ALBUM COVER / TITLE," The Weeknd wrote, revealing the title: Starboy.


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A source tells Us Weekly that he cut his hair to go along with the sound of his album.

"He cut his hair for the new album, to give it a fresher look to match the feel of the album," said the unnamed source. "It was a deliberate decision like a lot of artists do. New album, new look. He has been trying not to be photographed to unveil it all in a very deliberate rollout."

Further details about Starboy is currently unknown.