Game Breaks Down Story Behind Meek Mill Beef

By Staff  |  09/21/2016


Game further discussed his beef with Meek Mill on Wednesday (Sept. 21), explaining what actually happened that night Sean Kingston was robbed in Los Angeles and how it resulted in a beef.

During an interview on SiriusXM show, Hip Hop Nation, the Compton rapper recalled seeing Meek in the club that night and warned him that rappers have been the target of robberies lately in the city, so he should be careful. Later that evening, Kingston was robbed ... and then called Game, who told him that Meek Mill said Game set him up.

"Sean Kingston got robbed, got knocked in the head, they took his jewelry and ran through his crew and what not. I left, and Sean Kingston called me 15 minutes after that and was like, 'Game, that's f*cked up, Meek told me that you set me up. He told me that you told him to leave the club early, so you can get me.' That sh*t crazy," he recalled.

Game claims detectives questioned him at his home over the incident some time ago, but he never publicly flipped on Meek Mill... until last week, when he was drunk in Miami. "I held it to myself, but I got drunk... you know how this Patron do. I got drunk in Miami one night. I'm in Miami and I'm partying, and I got drunk. You know, you tell the truth and it come out... so I grab the mic and outta nowhere, I'm like, 'F*ck Meek Mill'. From there, I had to ride it out and that's what we doing.

So, that's Game's story. Elsewhere in the interview, he discusses how anxious he was to record his latest Meek diss track, "Pest Control", which he recorded in NYC, after Meek enlisted Beanie Sigel to diss him.