What It’s Like on $21,000 First-Class Emirates Flight

What It's Like on $21,000 First-Class Emirates Flight

Youtuber Casey Neistat recently traveled from New York City to Dubai on Emirates, and was lucky enough to get upgraded from business class to first class. After finding out about the upgrade, he looked up the cost, and the lowest price he could find for a first-class flight from JFK to Dubai on Emirates was a staggering $21,000 USD. So naturally, he documented the entire experience for this Youtube video.

While traveling first-class on Emirates, Neistat gets a seat that is like a mini room, complete with a motorized doors, a fully stocked mini-bar, a menu of all sorts of dishes (like caviar), goodie bags with slippers and pajamas, and much more.

Check out what a $21,000 flight is like above.

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