Infamous Supreme Hater YMBAPE Jumped in NYC, Later Arrested

By Staff  |  09/19/2016


Unofficial BAPE advocate YMBAPE has been terrorizing Supreme fans since the summer, and apparently, its starting to catch up with him.

If you're lost, a BAPE superfan who calls himself YMBAPE has been roaming the streets of New York City over the last several months, harassing and bullying anybody he sees rocking anything Supreme. He's even run up in the Supreme flagship, screaming "F*ck Supreme", while threatening employees and security.

While details are sketchy, he was arrested in NYC outside of KITH in the last week. You can see him struggling with police in the video above. Stay tuned for more info...

The arrest is just the latest in the controversy surrounding YMBAPE. In recent weeks, his run-ins with Supreme supporters have become physical. He was involved in a brawl with Supreme regular Racks sometime in the last month, with footage popping up on Youtube. In it, the two are seen arguing, but when Racks brazenly tells YMBAPE he's rocking Supreme, punches start flying.

And apparently, just days ago, a video emerged of YMBAPE getting jumped by a group of Supreme fans -- at least, six of them. It's unclear what led up to the altercation, but given his regular confrontations, it's not much of a surprise.

Na y niggas caught that staticky bang it on my chest nigga tho 😩😂😂🐒👊🏾💥

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Oh, and if you noticed he's wearing Supreme boxers in the video of his arrest, there's a reason for that. In a previous Instagram post, he explains: "Ya wonder why i wear these boxers... ask @SupremeNewYork why they on my d*ck & why i keep Sh*ttin on em!"