Quentin Miller Reveals Amputated Foot

By Staff  |  09/18/2016

Quentin Miller

Rapper/songwriter Quentin Miller recently took to Instagram to reveal, for the first time, that he has his foot amputated.

Best known as a writer for Drake, which landed him at the center of the rapper's beef with Meek Mill, Miller posted a photo on Friday (Sept. 16) that shows his left leg replaced by a prosthetic limb, below the the calf.

In the caption, he compares himself to Falco Lombardi of the Star Fox video game series, whose has metal legs.


Miller does not say what led to the amputation, but his manager Cam Singletary (aka Coach Cambut) confirmed rumors that it was the result of a recent car accident.

"That hasn't stopped him from making good music, having faith, and living life," Singletary told The FADER in an email. "We can't wait to be able to reach that fans that have held us down so far."