Max B’s Sentence Reduced in 2006 Murder Case

By Staff  |  09/16/2016

Max B

Max B caught a break in court on Friday (Sept. 16), when a judge significantly reduced his sentence in his 2006 murder-robbery case.

This summer, a state Superior Court judge vacated prior convictions against the rapper (born Charly Wingate) and allowed him to plead guilty to one count of aggravated manslaughter. Then, this week, Judge James J. Guida sentenced Max B to 20 years, according to, down from the original 75 years he was given in 2009. Based on time he's already served, he could could be out of prison as soon as 2025.

In court, he thanked the judge. "I just want to thank you for the fair treatment, you know, looking into the situation to at least give me another opportunity to someday reunite with my children and my family," Max said.

Apparently, the rapper's defense team filed a motion for post-conviction relief back in 2014, arguing that his previous attorney, Gerald M. Saluti, had a conflict of interest when he advised Max prior to his trial to reject a 10-year plea deal and take his case in front of a jury.

At the time, Saluti was acting as Max's criminal defense attorney, as well as his business manager and entertainment lawyer in his hip-hop career. "Mr. Saluti, by his own acknowledgement, believed that had Mr. Wingate accepted the plea offer that was extended to him, that basically he would have made nothing off of Mr. Wingate" while he served out his prison sentence, said John Latoracca, a member of Wingate’s new legal team.

"Mr. Saluti felt that had Charly gone to trial and was acquitted, on the street he could earn millions," he added. "That was Mr. Saluti’s estimation of Charly’s talent and what he had been able to do so far."

Max B was originally found guilty in 2009 of felony murder, kidnapping and armed robbery, for his role in a botched robbery from Sept. 2006 that led to the death of 29-year-old David Taylor Jr.

The rapper was sentenced to 75 years in prison, and has lost at least one appeal since.