Leica Camera Introduces Sofort Instant Camera

By Staff  |  09/16/2016

Best known for its high-priced cameras, Leica switches things up by hopping into the instant camera market with the introduction of the Sofort.

The new addition to its line-up boasts Leica's "AUTOMATIK-HEKTOR" and uses Fujifilm's Instax film to instantly produce prints. It also sports a retro-aesthetic while retaining classic Leica elements like the leather-pattern edging and the iconic red badge; and comes in a trio of color options: white, orange and mint green.

The camera features automatic modes like party, people, sport, action, macro, and standard auto, and can also produce multiple exposures on one print. And, in the age of the selfie, it boasts a "self portrait" mode, complete with a mirror on the front to help you frame your shots.

The Leica Sofort is slated to release in November for $299 USD. Visit the website for more info.