J. Prince Vows to Get Lil Wayne’s Money From Birdman

J. Prince

Lil Wayne has been fighting Birdman and Cash Money Records in court for over a year, and it’s gotten to the point, where the rapper “feels defeated”.

Well, Weezy has gained an ally, who vows to get him the money he’s owed from his former label. That man is J. Prince.

The Southern hip-hop mogul, who heads Rap-A-Lot Records, tells TMZ he’ll get the rapper’s money back. “Where [Wayne] is weak, I am strong. He has gained an ally, and together we will get back all money owed to him and my son off the Drake albums.”

Prince’s son Jas Prince is credited with discovering Drake, introducing him to Lil Wayne and brokering his deal with Young Money. He’s sued Cash Money, claiming he’s owed millions from a chunk of the profits from Drake’s record sales. His lawsuit is still pending.

Lil Wayne has also sued Cash Money, claiming he’s owed upwards of $51 million. His lawsuit is also pending.

  1. God u nigs are dumb ur writers can’t even spell “alley” i think allie is what u were looking for lol

  2. “allie” isn’t a word, you were looking for “allied” which is the verb form of “ally” which means to align or join forces :D

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