Game Disses Meek Mill On New Track “92 Bars”

By Staff  |  09/16/2016

The Game

When it comes to beef, Game has always confronted it head on. And, he has a new target: Meek Mill -- who he disses directly on a brand new track.

On "92 Bars", which debuted on New York's Power 105, the Compton rapper took shots at the MMG rapper and even referenced his girlfriend, Nicki Minaj.

"Ever since that n*gga snitched on me, we just don't speak," Game raps on the track. "See, that sh*t you got with Drake was like a slow leak / Blood will be dripping like Niagara if I poke Meek / Nicki won't get no sleep / I'm coming through at 4 a.m. / Four deep / Leave his dead body on his soaked sheets."

Elsewhere on the song, Game continues to reference both Drake and Nicki. "My n*gga Drizzy packed you out and you ain’t do sh*t / This the Golden State and my shooters ain’t on no hoop sh*t," Game raps. "N*gga, you know that I’ll snap you like a toothpick / Snitching on n*ggas ain’t ever been no cool sh*t / I’ve been wanting to give Nicki this pool stick / So tell your little vibrant thing come f*ck with Q-Tip."

Game first revealed his issues with Meek, while on stage at Miami nightclub Story on Thursday night (Sept. 15). "I just want to beat that n*gga's ass one good time. When you see me, n*gga, square up. F*ck Meek Mill."

It's unclear what exactly Game's issues with Meek Mill are, but the Philly rapper seemed to reply indirectly on Instagram, writing: "Just got done counting 5 Millie in cash they making memes of me. I’m everything these chumps dream to be!"