Sony Introduces the PlayStation 4 Pro

PlayStation 4 Pro

Following news of a slimmed-down version of the PlayStation 4, Sony revealed another edition in NYC: the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Originally code named “Neo”, the upcoming PS4 is intended to “stand alongside and complement the original PS4”, says Sony CEO Andrew House.

Essentially, the new PS4 Pro a more powerful, 4K-ready version of the original. In fact, it’s more than twice as powerful as the base PS4, and offers 4K and HDR support, while boasting a better CPU and a 1TB hard drive.

If you’re a current PS4 owner and are worried about all your game progress, Sony says game saves can easily be transferred to the new console. Also, all games will be compatible with both the base PS4 and the Pro. You’ll just get better graphics and improved performance on the Pro.

The PlayStation 4 Pro launches Nov. 10 for $399 USD. Pre-order yours now here.

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