Mia Khalifa Puts Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly On Blast For DMs

Mia Khalifa
Instagram / Mia Khalifa


The Ole Miss Rebels lost a disappointing game to the Florida State Seminoles earlier this week.

QB Chad Kelly finished the game with three interceptions, though he did throw four TDs, but also took an L off the field, when he was called out by ex-pornstar (and avid FSU fan) Mia Khalifa… for trying to slide into her DMs.

“Shoulda spent more time in your playbook and less time in my DM’s,” she wrote on Twitter, along with a screenshot of Kelly trying to get her to add him on Snapchat.

“I’m only following you for Seminole recon to find your weaknesses before the game,” Khalifa replied back with. “Weakness 1: can’t resist urges to slide into DM’s of girls outta his league.”

Damn. She’s coldblooded…

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  1. This chick is always putting people on blast. You’re a porn star what do you expect?

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