Tim Tebow Says He’s Closed Door on NFL Career

By Staff  |  09/01/2016

Tim Tebow

After six years of trying to make it in the NFL, it appears that Tim Tebow has finally given up on his football dreams.

Not surprising, right? Most people think Tebow's career ended years ago, and it had, but he's always left the door open and was never willing to admit it was over.

He was saying this as recently as June, when asked about his NFL career by Larry King. But this week, he finally shut the door on his NFL career.

During an interview with the NFL Network, Tebow confirmed the news.

"I love the game. I love all the opportunities that I've had, all the teams I've played on. It's fun," Tebow said. "I'll always love the game and I think I'll always be a part of it in someway, but I also love hitting baseballs, and it's really fun, so I'm excited about the pursuit of [baseball]."

His focus now? His pursuit of a career in professional baseball.