Isaiah Rashad

As he gears up for the release of his The Sun’s Tirade album, Isaiah Rashad makes his media rounds, opening up about drug and alcohol issues.

During an interview on the Juan Epstein podcast, the TDE rapper says he became addicted to Xanax and alcohol, which became so much of a problem that TDE CEO, Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, had to intervene.

“Top sent me home until I got my sh*t together,” Rashad explained. “He sent me home from the squad. You ain’t heard from me. You ain’t heard me drop sh*t until I got my sh*t together. Now, I got my sh*t together. I’m cool. Like, ain’t nobody cool. I was addicted to some sh*t, so it’s not like I don’t think about it every once in awhile. I just know I got a bigger goal to do.”

Apparently, the drug problem was pretty serious. “I f*cked up pretty bad. I almost got dropped like three times,” he explained.

Despite the situation, Rashad was able to turn things around for himself. “I got examples of what the outcome of that sh*t is,” he said. “I just don’t want to be one of those n*ggas. Especially when you coming from Chattanooga, you coming from a small ass city, when you not doing some sh*t, I could feel my clout going away and I like my clout. I could feel my little power of words going away. Ain’t putting out no music, n*ggs wonder what the f*ck you doing. You either making the biggest sh*t ever or you f*cking off. So everybody either knows or giving me the benefit of the doubt.”

He didn’t go to rehab to kick the habit either, he did so cold turkey, but says he drinks on occasion now.

The Sun’s Tirade is slated to drop Sept. 2. It features appearances from Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, and SZA.