Vince Staples on The Breakfast Club: Talks Street Life & Rap Career

Vince Staples

With his new Prima Donna EP out now, Vince Staples stops by The Breakfast Club to discuss the music, his controversies and more.

The Long Beach rapper clarifies his previous opinion on 1990s hip-hop not being the pinnacle of genre, how he got into the street life and his views on it now, and treating rapping like a job.

According to Staples, being a rapper wasn’t “a dream” he has a kid, so being a rapper is more like a job to him than anything else. “I had when I was younger. I don’t think that’s a negative thing. I look at it like it’s a job. I try to keep my professionalism up, and be on time, handle my job,” he said.

Prima Donna is out now.

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