Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty has been criticized for his lack of concern over lyricism and/or knowledge of “old school” hip-hop.

This attitude continued recently, when he nonchalantly admitted that he “honestly couldn’t name five songs” by late rap legends, Tupac or the Notorious B.I.G.

“If I’m doing this my way and making all this money, why should I do it how everybody says it’s supposed to be done?” Yachty explains in an interview with Billboard.

In another recent interview with TIDAL, Yacthy called “serious” rap “boring”, while saying he doesn’t like J. Cole’s music.

During a visit to The Breakfast Club, he said any criticism he receives over his music, comes solely from “super old” fans.

“I just can’t wait until the point when everyone understands hip-hop isn’t the same anymore,” Yachty said. “[People] just don’t like me because I’m not lyrical enough… If you ever read comments and click on their profile, they’re like super old.”

Does Yachty have a point? Hip-hop has changed drastically? Or, is he way off base? Tell us what you think.