Roger Federer Says Even He Has Trouble Getting Nikes

Roger Federer

Tennis star Roger Federer previously collaborated with Jordan Brand and is a Nike athlete, but even he has trouble getting sneakers.

In an interview with Complex, Federer admitted that his Nike plug doesn’t come through for him on certain pairs.

“I follow all the websites, and I call the Nike guys and say, ‘Is there a chance for me to get that sneaker, too?'” Federer explains. “And they will say, ‘OOF, it’s really hard, but we’ll make that exception for you.’ I’ve had them tell me ‘no’ in the past, too, so it’s OK.”

Hmm, wonder what shoes Nike told him “No” about.

Later in the interview, Federer talks about collaborating with Jordan, supporting other Nike athletes and more. Read it here.

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