Cam’ron and 50 Cent officially deaded their nearly decade-long beef earlier this month, when they popped up on social media together sharing a laugh.

Cam sat down with recently and discussed why the two squashed their beef after all these years.

“Our issues was music. It wasn’t nothing really… no big deal,” he explained. “I mean, MC Shan and KRS-One had issues. Like, hip-hop beef has been going on for years. It ain’t never been no real, shoot em up, bang bang… not even no fight-type situation. It was all music. It was nothing more than that. That was 10 years ago, and we’re moving on to bigger and better things.”

“Me and 50 had a conversation and we good. There’s no big long story behind it,” Cam concluded.

Later, Cam alluded to the two possibly doing some business in the near future, but did not elaborate further.