Jonah Hill

We all love Leonardo DiCaprio’s portrayal of infamous stock fraudster Jordan Belfort in Wolf of Wall Street, but his co-star Jonah Hill was just as memorable.

During a recent appearance on Bill Simmons’ HBO talk show, Any Given Wednesday, Hill recalled a story during filming of how he was snorting so much fake cocaine, he got seriously ill.

“I did so much fake cocaine in Wolf of Wall Street, I got bronchitis for three weeks and had to be hospitalized,” Hill said.

When asked what he was snorting, he explained: “It’s vitamin powder, but it doesn’t matter, because if you ingest … that much matter into your lungs, you will get very sick. We were just literally doing fake coke for like seven months every day. I never had more vitamin D in my entire life. I could have lifted a car over my f*cking head.”

Hill’s latest film, War Dogs, is in threaters now.