Vince Staples Says Rap’s Not Important in Grand Scheme of Things

Vince Staples

Vince Staples is known for his brutal honesty, regardless of how its perceived. As he prepares for the release of his Prima Donna EP, the Long Beach rapper sits with DAZED, where he talks about his place in society… and realizing music isn’t very important in this time called life.

“My dream was to be f*cking regular. You know how you watch Beethoven? That was cracking to me. That was the perfect life to me. They had a house, they had a car. They got both they parents and a dog.”

“Music is not that f*cking important to the grand scheme of everything,” Staples later explains. “You can go to middle of the f*cking forest where there is no music and you will see more life than you’ve ever seen on a Soundcloud link.”

Later, Vince talks about social media and how his rants don’t hold much weight, because “nobody really cares about the sh*t they pretend to care about… Everybody’s full of sh*t.” He goes on to say that people don’t even share their real opinions anymore “because everybody’s scared somebody is gonna say something.”

Staples’ Prima Donna drops Aug. 26, alongside an accompanying Nabil-directed short film.

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