PartyNextDoor and Kehlani

OVO singer PARTYNEXTDOOR was in the middle of the controversy surrounding Kehlani’s suicide attempt earlier this year, and finally opens up about the situation.

In a new interview for Rolling Stone, he acknowledges regret about how the events unfolded.

PND and Kehlani dated back in 2015, but reportedly broke up later that year, and she moved on to NBA star Kyrie Irving. However, this past March, PND shared a photo of him and Kehlani together with the caption, “After all the shenanigans, still got the R&B singer back in my bed.” The photo caused backlash against Kehlani, who many believed was still dating Irving at the time. Then, a day later, she posted a photo of her in the hospital with the caption, “Today I wanted to leave the Earth.”

“I regret how it went down,” he tells Rolling Stone. “Big time I regret how it went down. I look into people’s eyes, and I know they think I’m a bad guy. There’s a lot of details that people don’t know.”

“I just hope people understand that was a year for him. And I hope everyone has a successful year, and I hope that’s in the past,” he continued, before adding: “It was a blue year for me. I thought, ‘Write a hit, you’ll be rich and happy.’ Meet one of the most beautiful girls in the world, one of the most talented, and I’ll be happy. All of that: I’m not happy.”

A month after the Kehlani situation, PND was spotted with Kylie Jenner several times, sparking dating rumors. The two even shared a kiss in PND’s music video for “Come and See Me”. Despite the rumors, the relationship was short-lived, because Kylie eventually reunited with Tyga.

Read PND’s full interview with Rolling Stone here.