Joe Budden

Although Joe Budden appeared to initiate the beef with Drake, who has yet to really respond, Joe is tired of talking about his rap rival.

He appeared on Hot 97 this week, and offered his take about the issues with Drake.

After around 40 minutes of discussion, things got heated, Budden eventually cut the interview and walked out of the studio.

“I don’t think that you guys are able to have an objective conversation number one,” Budden said. “Number two, this podcast conversation is not a conversation I care to have, especially not early in the morning. Number three, if Peter and/or Marisa feel a way, then there are other mediums for that to be discussed if it’s going to be discussed at all. Number four, I certainly didn’t get out of my bed, away from a beautiful, soft woman to come up here.”

Ebro then tried to joke about Budden’s new album, Rage And The Machine, asking if he got approval from legendary rockers Rage Against the Machine… which seemed to be the last straw.

“Next time I come here for an interview, send my manager the talk points…” Budden says. “I didn’t know that this would be an utter complete waste of time.”