Ebro Says He Was Joking About Drake-Eminem Battle, Drizzy Disses Hot 97

Drake's Summer Sixteen Tour: Los Angeles
Michael Custodio / BallerStatus.com

Hot 97’s Ebro Darden stirred things up this week, when he publicly discussed a private conversation with Drake, in which he told him there is a rumor that Eminem was prepping a diss track.

Well, apparently it was a joke.

But, before revealing this, Drake took to the Madison Square Garden stage in New York on Thursday night (Aug. 4), for a stop on his “Summer Sixteen Tour”, and addressed this… and dissed Hot 97 in the process.

On stage, Drizzy yelled out “F*ck Hot 97”, before calling for Funkmaster Flex’s termination. “They telling lies at Hot 97,” he said. “I told them fire Funk Flex and then I’ll come do your show.”

Ebro addressed the shots his Hot 97 morning show on Friday (Aug. 5), insisting everyone was missing the point. “Sometimes I don’t even know how to enjoy life without moments like this,” Ebro said. “What is this really about with Drake? Is this really about the fact that I said we was joking about him making comments about Eminem? You think that’s what this is really about? Or is this about Flex? Or is this about all of it?”

As far as Flex, he took to Twitter, promising some shots in return.

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