Kehlani & Kyrie Irving Reunite in Chicago

Kehlani and Kyrie Irving

Months after splitting, Kehlani and Kyrie Irving recently reunited in Chicago.

TMZ spotted the former couple on Friday (July 29), “smiling, hugging, and acting friendly”, though it wasn’t romantic.

“They are only friends,” Kehlani’s rep tells TMZ. “Not back together. Things ended bad and they hadn’t had an opportunity to see each other … and they wanted to meet up face to face and make peace.”

Kyrie and Kehlani broke up earlier this year. Following the split, the singer was photographed in bed with PARTYNEXTDOOR, causing fans to believe she had cheated on the NBA star.

Following the scrutiny, Kehlani attempted suicide, and fortunately, made it through the rough patch. She’s since dedicated time and energy to the suicide awareness cause.

Shortly after Kehlani’s suicide attempt, Irving responded via Twitter. “I do not justify the picture or what [PARTYNEXTDOOR] did to try and spark all of this nonsense that could have been avoided, but me and Kehlani were not dating when the picture came out,” tweeted Irving. “It’s unfortunate that it’s received so much attention, but its become bigger because of a post that was misunderstood. Nothing but love and compassion over this way for her and her family.”

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