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Sneaker violence have made headlines for the last several years, over the rash of crimes that take place during campouts to purchase the hottest shoes.

Finally, Jordan Brand offers a statement regarding the violence … for the first time.

During an interview with Esquire, brand VP Howard “H” White offered his thoughts on the issue.

“It saddens me… ‘It’s a shoe that I want so I’m going to take it.’ Unfortunately those things happen, which are systemically bad … You hate to see that [sort of violence] over anything, actually. You would reduce yourself to this?” he said.

White went on to explain how Jordan Brand has motivated kids to do better, and despite the negativity, the sneaker culture can be positive.

“The good news is there are so many people that [sneaker culture] has inspired to do great things,” he said. “The person that says, ‘Wow, man, I remember the first job I got because I had to have them and save money.’ ‘My Mom got me those Cement IVs if I got good grades.’

“So, I’m working here now because they inspired me,” White added. “You know, the mother that says, “I got them for my little kid because it’s about excellence and standards and I want them to appreciate that.’ ”

Read White’s full interview with Esquire here.