Adrien Broner Denied Early Release From Jail

Adrien Broner mugshot

Adrien Broner was denied an early release from jail this week, so he remains jailed on a 30-day sentence.

The boxing star was sentenced to immediate jail time on July 19th, when he showed up three hours late to court and drunk for a court appearance. he was accused of assaulting and robbing another man during a bowling alley incident, and the judge was to dismiss the case… but instead, threw him in jail.

On Thursday (July 28), Broner asked to be released early, so he could train for an upcoming fight, but the judge denied his request, reports TMZ. “If I let you go early because you’re a sports star, what message does that send? You didn’t show up. You were three hours late and drunk. I said 30 days, and 30 is the number,” the judge said.

Broner turned 27 this month… in jail.

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