With the new Jason Bourne movie in theaters, Matt Damon sits down for an interview about his return to the franchise.

The Bourne Legacy dropped in 2012, but Damon was absent and Jeremy Renner filled in, as another CIA-trained assassin. Now, the fifth film in the franchise, simply titled Jason Bourne, brings back the original star for the first time in nine years.

During the sit down, Damon talks about why Jason Bourne’s return is perfect nearly a decade later, where he’s been since the last film, and and finally, what the Bourne character has meant for his career.

Watch the interview above or read the highlights below:

On why Bourne’s comeback is perfect today: We always want these to feel like they’re ripped right from the headlines. One of the things we said a decade ago, when we were doing the last one, was: If enough time passes, maybe if 10 years goes by, the world will change enough and we’ll wanna see Jason Bourne run through the new world.

On where Jason Bourne has been: The Bourne Ultimatum really has an upbeat, happy ending. He kinda swims away and he’s liberated from this identity. But, we knew if we were gonna do this movie, we basically had to kinda buy into the proposition that five minutes after he swam away, things started going horribly wrong. He can’t escape the things that he’s done and he’s haunted.

What the Jason Bourne character means for him: When I think about this character, I’m just incredibly grateful. I’m really grateful that it came my way. And, that Doug Liman — just before anybody — saw that I could do this. I had never done anything close to an action movie before The Bourne Identity. And, it was really Doug who believed in me and who decided to give me the chance. The impact on my life and career is really incalculable. The whole trajectory of my career changed with this role.