While continuing to enjoy success with “Panda”, Desiigner sits down with Interview for a chat about everything from Future comparisons to copping the “Panda” beat for $200 USD.

Regarding Future, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper says there’s plenty of differences. “My style, my funk, my performance, my charisma, the way I deliver my songs,” he replied. “That’s what makes me different. I stay humble. The second you see me on stage doing my thing, you know I’m not like the rest. I stay crazy.”

Below are highlights from Q&A. Read more at Interview.

ON BUYING THE “PANDA” BEAT FOR $200: “My homies and I were in the crib and we were smoking a whole bunch of weed, you know, playing GTA [Grand Theft Auto], when my boys started playing a track on the computer that caught everybody’s ear. I was always the one that cooked up the hooks in the hood, so, my boy asked me if I could cook up some flavor for the beat and I said, ‘You know, give me two days.’ The beat was right there on YouTube–a real Lloyd Banks type beat, and two days later, I gave it to y’all.”

ON HIS NAME: “I got my name, Desiigner, from my brother-in-law. I took what he said and decided to use it. He was like, ‘Yo, bro, you got to design your name.’ He said I should put my real middle name on it, so it’d be ‘Designer Royel,’ and I was running with that for a second. I thought it looked a little long and so did my sister, so she said I should take off the ‘Royel’ and just add an extra ‘I’ and the rest is history. We makin’ history now, you feel me?”

ON WORKING WITH “PANDA” PRODUCER MENACE: “We speak to this day; we have our little conversations. He’s on his platforms and I’m on mine. He might even be on the album soon; maybe we’ll even do an album together or something. I’m a man of process. You know how that goes.”

ON COLLABORATIONS: “Being on Kanye’s [G.O.O.D. Music] label has already been great, so honestly, I would love to work with anyone out there that’s creative and can vibe with me–could be a bird down the block–anyone who feels me, I am willing to work with.”