Pokémon GO

Just two weeks after its launch, one Pokemon Go player has already caught all characters available in the U.S.

According to Business Insider, Brooklyn-based Nick Johnson has captured all 142 Pokemon in the North American Pokedex. There’s 151 total monsters in the Pokemon universe, but 142 are available in the U.S., and three exclusive ones to other international regions.

He has no travel plans yet, but says he’s looking for a company willing to fund his global Pokemon tour.

Johnson, head of platform at start-up Applico, works 50-plus-hour weeks, but after work, he’d spend eight-hour walks around NYC to fulfill his childhood dream of catching ’em all.

“My interest in Pokemon Go was actually related to my work at Applico. I’m very interested in what makes platform[s] tick,” Johnson told PCMag in an email. “My big initial attraction (other than my childhood love of Pokemon) was understanding the mechanics of how the game worked—things like spawn points, mapping, and how players interacted with each other—and thinking about how that translated into the work we do with clients at Applico.

“It was also a convenient excuse to exercise,” he said.

Apparently, over the course of two weeks since Pokemon GO’s release, Johnson has lost eight pounds during his quest.

He tells PC MAG that the final Pokemon needed to complete his collection was the rare Omanyte, used to evolve the even more rare Omastar, but it eluded him a few times, due to spotty cell service.

And, the second-to-last monster, required him to travel to Jersey City. He says he “may or may not” have ordered an Uber to drive him around until he found it.

How many Pokemon have you captured?