YG’s anti-Trump anthem, “FDT”, created so much buzz that it garnered the attention of the Secret Service.

According to the rapper, he was forced to censor some lyrics that appear on his Still Brazy album, due to the pressure from the federal agency.

“The Secret Service called in on Universal and was like, ‘Send me the lyrics to YG’s album because we gotta see what he’s talking about.’ They did the whole album,” YG explains in a recent interview with DJ Whoo Kid. “That’s why on ‘FDT’ on the album, it’s parts of the song that I had to blank out. Then on the next song ‘Blacks & Browns,’ when Sad Boy’s spitting his sh*t — he said some sh*t towards Donald Trump too — they heard that, and we had to either change it or blank it out, so we put the static noise on top of that.

“But yeah, it was a real situation going on… Ever since John F. Kennedy got assassinated, they can’t have no people promoting kill Trump, shoot Trump, pop Trump, all that. And we had those types of lines up in the song.”

Elswhere in the interview, YG revealed that he and Nipsey Hussle have been a target of police on the West Coast.

Watch the interview below.