The Game and Waka Flocka Flame

Beef between Waka Flocka Flame and Game?

The rap peers exchanged subliminal disses on Instagram this week. It began after Waka criticized Game (without mentioning his name), when he posted a pair of clips calling out “confused” rappers who attempt to be revolutionary, but also post pictures of themselves in their underwear.

Game recently made headlines for a peaceful march to LAPD headquarters, but also has made headlines for racy photos of himself in his boxer briefs.

“Sh*t be funny to me,” Waka says in the video. “People be like ‘Yo Waka, why you ain’t stand up, saying this?’ Cause rap n*ggas is funny. One minute they shoe salesmen. They f*ckin’ garbage men. Revolutionary men. Now they gangsta rappers. They f*ckin’ models on Instagram. Showing they bodies and d*ck prints. These n*ggas is confused, so I can’t talk about nothing I fully don’t understand. Or I fully don’t know. I’m not gonna lead people to a f*cked up direction and make people go a certain way or tell people ‘Kill this n*gga. F*ck this person.’ It is what it is. We know what the f*ck we gotta do.”

Game later followed with an Instagram video of his own, which appeared to be a response to Waka, saying he “don’t want war with Game”… before bringing up Waka’a recent split from his wife.

“The man want war with Game? Nah, the man don’t want war with Game cause Game want peace and positivity. But if he wasn’t, he’d f*ck the man up. You mad cause you lost your bitch, man? Don’t be mad man, there’s other bitches out here,” Game said.

Despite the exchange, Waka followed up, saying he wasn’t referring to Game, and questioned why the rapper didn’t reach out if he was. “That’s crazy, Game. You really fed into this Internet instigating… If you felt like I was even talking about you, you should have called me, my n*gga… If you was on positive vibes you would have called me on some positive sh*t,” he said.

See the exchange below: