Lil Yachty & Hot 97’s Ebro Exchange Words

Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty and Ebro Darden exchanged words Wednesday morning (July 20), during the Ebro in the Morning show.

The feud began in June, after Ebro expressed skepticism about his rap skills. So, the Atlanta rapper dropped a new mixtape this week, titled Summer Songs 2, and on it, there’s a track called “For Hot 97”.

“Another high school ass rapper is offended,” Ebro began, before dissing Yachty. “Get your bars up. I ain’t here to be your friend.”

Yachty would take to Twitter with some words for Ebro that have since been deleted.

He then called into Hot 97 to address the song, clarifying that the track was an attempt to showcase his skills… and not a personal diss to Ebro. “First of all you got the wrong idea on the record,” he said. “I did the song ‘For Hot 97’ to fucking show that I can rap.”

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