Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook

Since leaving the OKC Thunder to sign with the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant has admitted that his relationship with Russell Westbrook “probably won’t ever be the same”.

Now, The Oklahoman reporter Anthony Slater says Russ probably feels the same.

He says he was told that Westbrook is “ticked off” about KD’s decision to leave Oklahoma City. Furthermore, he’s so upset that he hasn’t asked the Thunder to trade him, and is preparing to go out next season.

“Westbrook has given the Thunder no indication that he currently wants out. To the contrary, one source described him as ticked off about the Kevin Durant departure, determined for this new challenge and eager for the season to start: ‘He’s ready,’ ” says the report.

But, can Westbrook carry a Thunder team that has lost Durant and Serge Ibaka?