Following the recent unveiling of a concept golf cart, Mercedes-Benz introducing its Future Bus… a potential game-changer in the world of public transportation.

Dubbed the City Pilot and/or “Future Bus”, it features an operating system for autonomous driving, thanks to a network of various placed around the bus, as well as GPS and two radar systems.

Without a driver, the bus as the ability to recognize street lights and to stop and unload passengers by itself. However, there is a driver seat and wheel just in case human intervention is needed.

Inside the bus, the interior features three different areas depending on how long your commute is, a massive display screen for the driver (if there is one) to communicate with passengers and also takes design cues of city parks — ceiling lights and handrails resemble tree branches.

So far, Mercedes has tested the bus on a road in the Netherlands and it is capable of covering about 20 kilometers (12 miles) with its autonomous system.