Mark Hunt

In wake of the news of Brock Lesnar’s potential doping violation,  following his win over Mark Hunt at UFC 200 earlier this month, we get responses from both men.

The USADA (U.S. Anti-Doping Agency) notified Lesnar of the “potential” doping violation on Friday, stemming from samples taken from an out-of-competition drug test administered in late June.

In a statement to the AP shortly after, he simply said: “We will get to the bottom of this”.

However, his opponent Mark Hunt, who lost the fight via unanimous decision, is furious. In an interview with FOX Sports Australia, he demands the UFC give him half the purse Lesnar earned… or release from his contract.

“I said (to the UFC), ‘If you don’t give me half his sh*t, I’m walking away from this company, I want out of here. This is rubbish’,” Hunt said.

Lesnar made a record $2.5 million for his fight against Hunt at UFC 200, not including PPV proceeds, although he could face fines and penalties from the Nevada State Athletic Commission as a result of the failed drug test.

Hunt’s anger follows three UFC opponents being flagged for banned substances.

In 2013, Hunt earned a draw with Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, who later tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone. Frank Mir was recently flagged for a doping violation following his fight with Hunt earlier this year — though Hunt won via knockout. And now, Lesnar has a dirty test.

“I lost on that night to some f*cking cheat,” Hunt said of Lesnar. “There’s no way he could weigh 265 (pounds) like me — he was about 500 kilos, there was no f*cking way he was weighing in at my weight.

“It just makes a mockery of the whole sport, it makes a fool out of all of us, all the people who’ve paid money for top-end fighting — now all they’ve got is a cheat against a guy who doesn’t cheat.”

Lesnar has the right to have his “B” sample tested by USADA, as well as an appeals process, before he faces any potential sanctions. Hunt, however, doesn’t expect that sample to make a difference.

“There’s no freaking way it’s not going to come back positive. I think he should either forfeit his purse or refund all the f*cking money to people who paid to watch it,” Hunt said. “Half of his purse should come to me — maybe all of it. The guy shouldn’t get a cent. That, or refund everyone that paid money. They paid for an even playing field — they didn’t get that. They got a cheater against a guy not cheating. I’m lucky I didn’t get injured. I think it’s rubbish. I think all of his sh*t should be taken off him. There’s no penalties or deterrents to guys that are cheating. This is not the first time, this is the third time I’ve had to fight someone doping.”