Toyota to Bring Back the Supra in 2018

Toyota Supra

Discontinued for more than a decade, the revered Toyota Supra is set to return, the brand has confirmed.

Originally released as a Celica offshoot back in 1978, the Supra would go on to become one of Toyota’s most beloved vehicles, before it was unceremoniously discontinued in 2002. However, the company teased its return in 2014 with its FT-1 concept.

The updated Supra is said to be built upon the aforementioned FT-1, and likely be more powerful and high-tech than the rebadged Scion FR-S. And, if the FT-1’s design language is any indication, it will also sport an aggressive, track-inspired exterior, featuring airflow management systems and aerodynamic curves… and possibly, the FT-1’s retractable rear wing.

Reports say the Toyota Supra will return in 2018. Stay tuned for more info…

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